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Do we do anything at camp other than Go?


Yes! Besides Go lessons and other Go-related activities, we'll also be balancing out camp with some traditional summer camp activities. This year’s location will afford us access to plenty of open outdoor areas for playing games, so we’ll be getting lots of fresh air! We may even take an afternoon off from Go lessons during the week for some sort of fun group activity. We’ll have more information regarding this last possibility soon, so keep checking back!


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 ​AGA East US Go Camp

August 3 through August 9, 2014

YMCA Camp Kresge in White Haven, Pennsylvania


What do we do at Go Camp?


At Go Camp, we spend most of the week playing Go, of course! We also have a lot of fun and make lots of new friends!


At the beginning of the week, campers are broken into several different classes, depending on their strength. Each class receives an individual teacher, who they meet with for Go lessons every morning and part of every afternoon. In the late afternoon, we take a break from Go to get some fresh air and exercise. Then, after dinner, we have more Go-related activities, including tournaments and fun variations on the game.




YMCA Camp Kresge

Go Camp this year will be located at Camp Kresge in White Haven, PA.  Camp Kresge is only a two hour drive from New York City and the 2014 Go Congress venue, so anyone who wants to attend both events should be able to do so easily.  The camp is home to a beautiful, nearly 1,200 acre property situated on the banks of Beaver Lake.

Active since the early 1950s,  Camp Kresge is an established and experienced YMCA camp, designed to provide youth with a traditional and fun summer camp experience.  


What is the AGA Go Camp?


The AGA Go Camp is a week-long summer camp that has aimed to provide kids from 8 to 18 with the opportunity to study and play go in a traditional summer camp setting every year since 1998.  

The camp includes daily Go lessons and other Go-related activities, as well as more traditional summer camp activities to make for a balanced and fun summer camp experience.