I’m not very strong at Go. Can I still come to Go Camp?


We're happy to welcome campers from the ages of 8-18, regardless of their playing level. Our lessons are broken into several classes, and campers are placed in the class best suited to their playing level at the beginning of the camp. Our aim is to provide each camper with the opportunity to improve his or her Go skills, whether a beginner, kyu, or dan level player.


However, we do ask that all campers have at least some experience playing Go. If you are not certain that you will enjoy playing Go for a full week, then Go Camp may not be right for you.


Are there any scholarships available?

Yes! Thanks to the wonderful people at the AGF, we are happy to offer two different scholarships for the Go Camp this summer!

The first is a need-based scholarship, which can cover up to $250 of your camp tuition.  You can find instructions on how to apply for it right here: http://agfgo.org/pages/scholarships.php#summerscholarship.

The second is available to all youth who participated in either the North American Kyu Championships (NAKC) or the Redmond Cup.  This scholarship covers $400 of your camp tuition, and if you think you qualify, you can double-check with Paul Barchilon by emailing  shimari@comcast.net.


Will my child be safe at Go Camp?


Yes, absolutely! Both our director and organizer have been involved with the AGA Go Camp since 2006, so they have lots of experience! Both will be on site for the entire week of camp, in addition to counselors, teachers, and other parents who will help look after and care for your child. Our week is carefully planned from the moment we pick your child up at the airport to the moment we see him off on his home-bound flight. We will have at least one adult for every four campers, so your child will be very safe.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have regarding your child’s safety. You are also welcome to attend camp with your child for the week and help out.



My child wants to come to Go Camp, but I’m not comfortable sending him by himself. Can I spend the week at the camp, as well?


Absolutely! Parents are more than welcome to join their children for the week of camp, and if you play Go yourself, we would love for you to join us in our Go-related activities, as well. Unfortunately, due to limited housing this year, we cannot offer parents the opportunity to stay onsite with us, but we do invite you to find accommodations nearby and join us for our daytime activities.  Fairfield, Ohio is about a 20 minute drive from Camp Campbell Gard and should offer an ample selection of hotels and motels.  

If you do plan to join us for the week, simply fill out a copy of our registration form for yourself, and check the “attending adult” box at the top of the first page. If you would like to sit in on our daily Go lessons, we ask that you pay the day camper price, but if you are joining us simply for the sake of your child, then please contact us at gocampeast@gmail.com and we can work out a price that covers only the cost of meals and facility usage.  You are also welcome to pay for yourself online so long as you follow the same online payment instructions.



What are the accommodations like at Go Camp?


Our campers will be staying in dormitory-style rooms that each sleep up to fifteen campers. All cabins have electricity and indoor plumbing.  They also include an attached bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.  Campers will be divided into rooms based on gender and age, and each cabin will also house at least one counselor to keep an eye on campers overnight. Sheets and towels are not provided by Camp Campbell Gard, so each camper will need to bring his or her own set.

We are also able to cater to children who are vegetarian, and we may be able to cater to other types of diets, as well. If you require a specialized diet, please let us know prior to coming to camp.


Do you offer any alternative transportation options?

We try to be as flexible as possible in assisting everyone to reach camp, but we can only be in so many places at once, and in order to ensure that your child is as safe as possible, we ask that you book a flight into Dayton International Airport (DAY) if you want us to pick him or her up from the airport.  You are welcome to have your child fly into another airport if you so choose, but unfortunately we cannot offer transportation to and from any other locations.  

If you would prefer to send your child to camp via train or bus, we may be able to provide him or her with transportation to camp depending on how close the station is to our venue, so please contact us as early as possible if you are interested in this option.

What is the difference between full camper and day camper?


Full campers and day campers are very similar. The full camper experience includes everything the Go Camp offers: food, overnight lodging, and participation in all Go-related and other camp activities. We offer the day camper option for those campers who live nearby and would prefer commuting to the camp. The day camper experience includes lunch and dinner but not breakfast, as well as participation in all Go-related and other camp activities.


How do I pay online?

To pay online, please first go to http://www.usgo.org/your-donations-count . Click donate, and then input the total amount that you owe the camp, including a $21.25 credit card convenience fee per person. Next, login, and click “add special instructions to the seller.” In this box, enter: AGA Camp –  your AGA Number. If you are paying for more than one child, please enter each camper’s AGA number. Finally, click the “donate” button, and you should be all set!


I want to pay online. Do I still need to send in the registration form?


Yes. Please send us your registration form even if you pay online. The registration form will tell us lots of other information about your child that we need to know to keep him or her safe.


My question wasn’t answered!


We’re more than happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please send us an e-mail at agagocampeast@gmail.com.








Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions